We Strive For

A Financially Better You

Our Story

U.S. Loan Applications was founded in 2017 to connect borrowers with lenders that best met their needs. We're based in sunny Orlando, Florida. Since our inception, we have grown our lending network, connected borrowers all over the country, and made countless improvements to the application process. We continue to strive towards an ever improving personal loan experience.

What We Do

Medical emergencies, auto repairs, and vacations... Sometimes life calls and you need money fast.

You may be wondering where to start when trying to find the best personal loan to fit your unique situation. With so many lending options, it can be hard to know you're getting the best rate. When you fill out our online application, you're not merely applying to one lender for a personal loan. You're applying to a network made up of hundreds of lenders.

We will send your request to our lenders, and each will send back a response to our system. If approved, we'll let you know in a matter of seconds. The best offer returned will be the one presented to you, and you'll receive a link to the lender's site where you will need to review the terms. Whether consolidating debt or making a more significant purchase, the process could not be more straightforward.

The best part? We don't charge you any fees. You could even receive the funds straight to your bank account in as little as one business day.

That's how we help you get the funds you need!